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ZUFALL - Cwmni Theatr 3D

When: Tuesday 29th April 2008 -> Friday 2nd May 2008 - 8pm

Where: Chapter Arts Centre, Canton, Cardiff

A toss of a coin, a roll of a dice, the hand that's dealt is it all just chance?"

3D Theatre Company embark on their sixth production at Chapter. Six original short plays, six talented sets of cast and crew, and six weeks to complete the task in hand. The group have been working with the "next generation" of Welsh writers to create pieces that deal with the phenomena of coincidence and the paranormal.


Mr Perffaith gan Joanna Davies

Drama gomedi ysgafn am helbulon carwriaethol Mari a Llwyd, dau berson ifanc sydd ar gwest parhaol am gariad. Ond a fydd ffawd neu'r theori chaos yn eu harwain at eu partner perffaith?

Lle bu Dau gan Lleucu Sion
Dau gymeriad, dau gefndir, dwy genhedlaeth A oes modd newid y dyfodol ar l un sgwrs
Drama fer a gipiodd yr ail wobr yn Eisteddfod yr Urdd Sir Gr, 2007.

Cefnau a Chynffonnau (cyfieithiad o ddrama Cocks and Tales gan Alastair Sill

Dyma lle mae'r torrwr papur yn sgrech barhaus, y sgwrsio di-ddiwedd yn arteithiol ac amser flexi yn grefydd. Croeso i fyd 9-5 lle mae tm o weinyddwyr yn cael diwrnod bythgofiadwy. RHYBUDD: Mae Cefnau a Chynffonau yn cynnwys eclrs a chacennau hufen.


Richard Parker by Owen Thomas

A one act play that explores the notion of coincidence. Do we live in a world where coincidence is a reality or are we simply living in a world filled with so many people that sooner or later events of sheer consequence are bound to happen.

Richard Parker, a man embarking on a cross channel ferry trip, is set to discover the

Spirit by Hannah Wynn Jones
A group of South-Wales Twenty-Somethings venture to see a Spiritualist. As the evening progresses, many home truths are revealed and force the individuals to confront these issues and re-evaluate themselves and their relationships.

Its What He Would Have Wanted by Llinos Mai and Mark Williams
Russell is in love with Julie. Hes also been dead for eight months, and is stuck in an eternal therapy session on a freezing cold beach out of season.
A story about love and death, and what lies beyond them.

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