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Pentre Gwilym - Wacky Warehouse


The Pentre Gwilym is an ideal venue for families, particulary those with young children. The upstairs of the restaurant houses the "Wacky Warehouse", a softplay area for young children which costs 2 per child per hour. Ear plugs are strongly recommended.

The restaurant itself is your standard 'chain style' serving traditional English food such as steaks, chicken and pies etc. Prices are reasonable at around 6 - 9 although they have a permanent "Two for One" offer which gets you the cheapest meal for free.

The restaurant is very large and spacious with a seperate adults section - complete with a pool table. It has a beer garden and a childrens play area outside, which the kids seem to love all year round.

Last time I visited we were disappointed as the food was served cold despite asking for it to be re-heated. I would be tempted to give it another chance however, as it is such a perfect venue for kids.

The restaurant doesn't take bookings so it is recommended to come early, however, you can wait in the Wacky Warehouse and they will call your name over a tannoy when a table is ready. If you prefer, you can skip the restaurant and just make use of the Wackey Warehouse which serves some refreshments.

Posted by J-Lo 2nd December 2004

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Service left alot to be desired

I was in the Pentre last night with a group of friends, and we came away shocked and disappointed. During a time of economic difficulty, all businesses should be priding themselves on excellent customer service to ensure customers return. I'm afraid this was not the case. When we arrived we waited 15 minutes to be served, when there were only 3 other people waiting at the bar, none of whom were ordering food!! The staff were not engaging and made no attempt to have a conversation with us.

Later in the night, about 10 mins before last orders, we ordered our final round of drinks. A friend of mine ordered a bottle of Rose to share, to which the barmaid's response was "are you sure you can drink that before closing?". We weren't quite sure how to respond but explained that it was to share. We were rather puzzled! I then paid for our drinks on my card, although the card machine wasn't working, The barmaid was immensely rude and told me it was the card that was the problem, not the machine! She did not apologise for the problems with the machine, and left my friends and I with a bad taste in our mouths for the pub.

I am sorry to say that we will not be visiting again.

Posted 1st Feb 2009 5:25pm by rachelthomas753

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