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The Beech Tree Inn

Old Port Road, Culverhouse Cross, Cardiff, CF5 6AN [Map]

Tel: 029 2059 3106

The Beech Tree Inn is a new restaurant that has opened in the premises that were once occupied by Gilby's at Culverhouse Cross. Gilby's closed earlier this year (2009), but the owner has re-started the restaurant business, this time under a new name.

Looking at the menu, fish appears to be a speciality (as it was at Gilby's), but there are also plenty of meat dishes.

Posted by Taffy 12th November 2009

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It's great to see this place open & being run properly again instead of the way it was under the previous management when it was overpriced, cold & stuffy. The Food is as superb as it was innitially, & with some of the origional staff back it's as freindly as ever.

Posted 27th Dec 2009 2:45pm by yamman69


the food is very good, a varied choice, staff are attentive and pleasant and well informed, but why don't they receive the gratuities that are given to them, if any body can clarify this point I would be grateful, as i believe in rewarding good service to the individual who serves me, so why does the owners keep the tips and not the staff????

Posted 13th Nov 2009 4:03pm by rick

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