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Bosphorus Turkish Restaurant

Bosphorus Turkish Restaurant

31 Mermaid Quay, Cardiff Bay, CF10 5BZ [Map]

Tel: 029 2048 7477

This place rates way up there as one of the most picturesque restaurants in Cardiff. Walk to the end of Mermaid Quay and there it is - sitting out in the bay on its own little pier. Book ahead to get a window seat and you'll enjoy some superb views across the bay as you wine and dine.

As a result of its unique location this restaurant is a favourite with those looking to impress, whether it be a partner, boss or simply your folks!

During the summer months you may choose to eat outside the restaurant as they have a small number of tables at the far end of the pier looking out towards Penarth Marina.

The food is unusual too in that it's a Turkish restaurant. Now for anyone that thinks Turkish food starts and ends with Kebabs...think again! The starters here are delicious with some unique combinations I had not heard of.

The main menu is quite varied and although most dishes were meat based I do recall a few vegetarian options.

The staff are exceptionally friendly and will look after you well.

Posted by Taffy 24th June 2003

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I went for a meal with family for the 8th time. This place is super service and wonderful food, check out the lamb dish its fantastic.

Posted 25th Nov 2010 3:00am by 187912

perfect veneu

i went to this restaurant with friends which i wasnt keen on.but the food and service was very good. i will be taking my girlfriend there becouse it is very romantik location..i am shoked with riviews i saw on this site i guess people who has bad memories live bad riviews mostly i'll say try again..

Posted 25th Nov 2010 1:45am by gem311


I have been to this restaurant a number of times now with friends and family, they offer very good food, friendly service, great atmosphere.
i would highly recommend this place you will not be disappointed.

Posted 22nd Feb 2010 10:21am by 187912

Not bad for a Cardiff Bay Restaurant

In amongst the clones of National Restaurant chains in Cardiff Bay , Bosphorus is an interesting restaurant well worth a visit.

There's just enough Turkish dishes on the menu to give a flavour of the cuisine, while offering enough standard restaurant fare to please most customers. Situated on a Pier projecting out into the Bay, it is an impressive location.

Food and service decent enough without being world-beating.

Will be going again.

Posted 19th May 2009 12:16am by Dr Turk

oustanding food and lovely welcome

The Bosphorus is one of the finest Restaurant I have ever had the pleasure of dining in. From time to time I take my friends with me, everyone I know loves it as do I. everyone is different so they cater for most tastes. the service is only the very best from my experience.

Posted 9th Feb 2009 12:02am by magroune

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